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Issues Important To Americans

With 35 days until the 2020 presidential election, the political positions of both Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden are on the minds of many prospective voters. If we can determine what the candidates expect to be issues of importance for Americans, then we can infer what laws they will most likely push for if they’re elected. One avenue of finding data on candidates perceived “importance” of an issue is to look at where issues are listed on their respective websites. Issues of higher importance to the candidate are at the top of the page because that’s what people will see first and click on most. Using this reasoning, we can determine what is most important to each candidate and compare that to data by Pew Research on what issues are most important among voters to gain an understanding of the political atmosphere this election cycle. This comes down to two categories: concerns for politicians compared to concerns for voters, and whether or not they align. Now, let’s look at some major issues for voters based on polls by Pew Research.

  • Economy

The state of the economy is the single most important issue for voters in 2020, with 79% of voters ranking the economy as “very important,” a fact that is not lost among Donald Trump or Joe Biden. For Trump, the economy seems to be of utmost concern to his campaign. On his page of issues, economy is not only listed at the top of the page, it is also the largest section. It is easy to therefore deduct that the economy is a major issue that Trump will focus on during his campaign and his would-be second term. But, how does Biden’s position on the economy compare? Well, similar to Trump, economic issues are all over Biden’s vision page and most economy-related topics are listed near the top. The difference comes down to how each candidate approaches economic reform: while Biden looks to tax brackets, Trump promotes tax cuts. Biden wants to discuss racial equity; Trump emphasizes apprenticeships and vocational training. Ultimately, both candidates’ valuation of the economies importance in this election is in line with that of voters.

  • Healthcare

Healthcare is the second-most important issue for American voters in 2020, with 68% of voters ranking healthcare as “very important.” So, how do the candidates perceive the importance of healthcare? For Trump, “healthcare” is listed considerably low and seems hidden in the middle of his issues page. And, how about Joe? Well, his placement of healthcare is eerily similar to Trump; hidden amongst roughly 50 issue points, “The Biden Plan for Healthcare” is only one of those 50 points. What does this mean for this election? While healthcare is a talking point for the media to bring in more views, neither candidate sees this as an issue that is important to focus on.
Economy and healthcare: these two issues are on the minds of most voters for the 2020 election, but both candidates neglect the topic of healthcare in favor of the economy. This discrepancy raises a lot of questions about whether voters affect a candidate’s perceived importance of issues, or vice-versa. One thing seems to be clear: issues important to voters will be discussed whether or not candidates care for them to be. Will extreme pressure from prospective voter be able to force healthcare into the spotlight of this election or will the candidates try to hide this policy during the campaign? Only time will tell.

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