Popular Mechanics HQ was predictably spellbound yesterday when news reports trickled out concerning a protester who glued himself to the top of a British Airways plane at London City Airport.
“While we’d like to reach out to Brown to ask him some questions—actually, all the questions—what’s complicating matters is the small fact that he may or may not be in jail at the moment. Brown was acting on behalf of Extinction Rebellion, a London-based environmental group known for theatrical gestures of protest, when he bought a ticket for a flight, went through security, proceeded up the steps of the BA Embraer 190 jet, and propelled himself on top, according to The Sun.
“Here I am on top of a f****** aeroplane at City Airport,” Brown said in a video he posted online during the stunt. “I hate heights, I’m s******* myself, I managed to get on the roof. I am so shaky.”
Security soon approached Brown, and not a moment too soon. “Oh good,” Brown said after a few impassioned rally cries against government inaction on climate change, “security are coming. I hope they don’t take too long, because this is f****** scary.””

Man Glues Himself to Plane | Glue Facts | Strongest Glue

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Bravo to Popular Mechanics.
If someone is going to be a fool, he should at least apply some effort to be smart. But, then, he would just be a smart fool – kinda an oxymoron with the emphasis on moron.

(Proverbs 13:16)
Every prudent man acts out of knowledge, but a fool exposes his folly.

What a waste of a life thrown upon a loosing cause.
If you are gonna waste your life you at least should set out to loose it for the sake of Jesus.(Matthew 10:39) Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. 

“Here’s the thing about superglues: They’re not actually that super, at least in terms of strength. But they cure really quickly and stick well to aluminum, skin, and natural fabrics like cotton, Dillingham says.
The catch? “Cyanoacrylates need a small amount of hydroxyl groups on the surface to cure, and freshly abraded aluminum needs to be exposed to humidity for a few hours to develop enough hydroxyl groups on the surface to effectively stick to cyanoacrylates.” “

Man Glues Himself to Plane | Glue Facts | Strongest Glue

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