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Seattle is a full-service enabler for people on the social fringes, but the Leftists in the city may have outdone themselves with their latest move.

Over the summer Mayor Jenny Durkan enabled the extortionists in Black Lives Matter to take over a neighborhood … or else. We’ve seen how the Seattle city government gave free housing to the homeless so they could use their government checks for drugs.  Now the city is using taxpayer dollars to buy drug paraphernalia. They’re also giving advice on the best practices to get high in case addicts’ veins are compromised.

You read that right.

This goes way beyond clean needle programs.
‘Give It a Try!’ Seattle-Backed Homeless Shelter Provides Pipes to Smoke Heroin and Advice on ‘Booty Bumping’ – PJ Media


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The lawless yeast of Sadducee Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor for Seattle and King County Washington is working its way through the dough of destruction.

King County Prosecutors flatter themselves that they are “Christians” on a “holy mission.”

As Jesus said by their fruits you would recognize false prophets. It is sad in the extreme that such fruit must be the thoughtless destruction of lives.

The wanton lawless destruction of Seattle should be proof enough that these prosecutors relish lies, promote lies while, despite the collapse of Seattle still hold onto the lie they are doing something worthwhile. Satterberg and his minions of mindless self-congratulating prosecutors refer to themselves as “ministers of justice.”

Like the impure trials they tout there just is no proof to support their assertions.

Then they understood that he was not telling them to guard against the yeast used in bread, but against the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees. (Matthew 16:12)


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A homeless shelter backed by the city of Seattle is encouraging their homeless population to ingest illegal drugs up their anus, in a process referred to colloquially as boofing, as a safer way to get high.

The logic behind the measure is that drug addicts are less likely to spread disease by avoiding needles. However, as KTTH radio host Jason Rantz notes, the effect is to promote the use of illegal drugs and keep homeless people in a never-ending cycle of dependency.

One advertisement tells homeless Seattle residents to use “booty bumping kits” and claims ingesting drugs up the anus is a “good choice if your veins are too hard to hit,” has “less risk of infection or abscesses,” has “less damage to skin and veins,” and “doesn’t leave tracks.”

Another advertisement from the homeless shelter urges for addicts to smoke their dope instead of injecting it. It reads: “Smoking is a lower-risk alternative to injection. Give it a try!” They offer “bubbles, stems and hammers,” three different types of glass pipes, for homeless individuals to get loaded.

Taxpayer Dollars are Used to Encourage the Homeless to Ingest Dope Up Their Anuses in Seattle – Big League Politics

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