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“No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” (Luke 16:13)


And they took offense at him. – Matthew 13:57


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Offense News 2020 •  Opinion From His Righteousness • Psalm 119:102

So yeah we’re all gonna need therapy
After this hi my name is sydney welcome
Back to my channel before we launch in
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Now there’s a strong likelihood that
This video will ruffle some feathers and
If I’m being totally honest I really
Wouldn’t be doing my service as an
Australian american unless I made people
Upset from time to time I think you mean
All the time it’s far too early in the
Video for you to be here go away so
Today I want to take a look at the idea
That the medical side of the transgender
Movement is a money-making racket and
Before we get started I just want you
All to bear in mind this is a huge topic
With a lot of moving parts and there’s
Just no way for me to cover them all in
This video so don’t yell at me because
It hurts my tender tender feelings you
Don’t have any of those with that being
Said I also want to highlight this is
Not directed at the people who
Transition and go on to lead happy
Healthy lives it’s also not directed at
The health care professionals who
Actually do their jobs properly for once
This is simply a look at the nefarious
Side of the medical complex so yeah
Let’s get this show on the road
In 1983 a man called walt higher visited
A leading gender specialist in san
Francisco after one appointment the
Specialist told him that in order to
Alleviate his feelings of confusion and
Discomfort walt needed to transition to
Female by his second appointment he had
A prescription for cross-sex hormones
Eight years later won’t transition back
To male after finding that gender
Reassignment did very little to
Alleviate his original feelings just so
You’re aware this is after he had the
Snip even back in the 80s and even
Before that it seems a buddy of medical
Professionals didn’t seem to address
Underlying traumas or unresolved issues
Of patients before giving them hormone
Therapies and surgeries and that trend
And way of thinking seems to persist in
Some medical circles today this is the
Point where I encourage you to strap in
It’s about to get bumpy in 2019 a
Professor of psychiatry
John hopkins university said that when
It comes to transgender patients their
Mental problems often depression
Discouragement are the things that need
Treatment they’re going to be in the
Hands of doctors for the rest of their
Many of them are going to be sterilized
Not able to have their own children and
Many will regret this can you imagine
Having a life where you need to seek
Doctors all the time for everything just
To live getting your hormones checked
Getting everything checked that is
Something doctors that should like to
Spare people of but instead of sparing
Patients more and more anecdotal
Accounts are indicating that doctors are
Very quick to prescribe hormones not
Only to young adults but puberty
Blockers to children pyramid e blockers
For those of you who don’t know our
Drugs designed to postpone puberty in
Children self-explanatory in the last
Year we’ve seen an explosion in the
Stories of people regretting their
Decision to transition and to compound
That are the stories of former
Transgender patients who claim they were
Given hormones without any type of
Proper therapy or assessment funnily
Enough an example of this is actually
Planned parenthood has become the second
Largest provider of hormone therapy in
The united states
Yikes on their website they clearly
State you don’t need to participate in
Therapy or provide information from a
Mental health provider to receive
Hormone therapy here they also detail
How to get hormones and at no point in
The process is there a mental health
Evaluation which maybe should be part of
Giving people life altering drugs I
Don’t know just a suggestion you know
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Weird cat searches now interestingly at
Some locations and with a parent’s
Permission some children can get puberty
Blockers through planned parenthood here
Beti blocker drugs in some cases seem a
Fairly easy to get as well even though
They are not fda approved for this use
And have resulted in thousands and
Thousands of deaths and complications
Just fyi these drugs are used for other
Things too such as treating
Endometriosis for example the point is
It’s not good now because I’m a psychic
I know that some of you at this point
Are gonna say but sydney the kids can’t
Get the things unless they have parents
Consent and patricia you’re so right but
I just want to remind you that parents
Can have their children taken away if
They don’t let their kids access
Transition therapies some parents don’t
Really have the option to say no so
That’s fun what’s marginally worse here
Is that doctors have admitted they don’t
Actually know the long-term consequences
And effects of puberty blockers on a
Child’s body comforting
In 2015 the national institutes of
Health awarded the boston children’s
Hospital 5.7 million dollars to conduct
The first just when I highlight that the
First study in the u.S. To evaluate the
Long-term outcomes of giving transgender
Youths medical treatment predominantly
Hormone blockers and cross-sex hormones
Never mind that they’ve already been
Giving kids these drugs for literally
Years at this point this kind of just
Sounds like human experimentation just
To see what happens because who even
It’s kind of like when you’re ten and
You’re conducting your own experiments
Own flies by catching them and pulling
Their wings off to see if they grow back
Sydney no one does that yeah well they
Don’t grow back
Just so you know now one of the most
Widely prescribed puberty blockers
Lupron lupron however this is pronounced
Recently had to update its label to
Indicate that it causes seizures and
Serious psychiatric adverse events such
As crying irritability impatience anger
And aggression something that I
Personally found really disturbing here
As well is how there are some hospitals
And doctors who are proud of themselves
For dealing with children and treating
Children as young as three I mean for
Starters a three-year-old doesn’t know
What gender or sex is they don’t really
Think much of anything they’re three if
They do think anything it’s probably
Like whether or not dirt has a taste and
How much of it they can fit in their
Mouth and obviously more importantly
Treating someone from the age of three
Means over a lifetime that’s a lot of
Money and yet drugs that have not been
Properly tested or studied on healthy
Kids that are not fda approved for this
Use that cause emotional issues are now
Endorsed by the american pediatric
Association and codified by
International guidelines well cover me
And maple syrup and call me a pancake I
Don’t even know what’s happening I don’t
Want to make a jerk out of this but this
Is probably how we end up with real-life
X-men what I find interesting here is
That most widely cited studies conclude
That most children who experience gender
Dysphoria or question their gender will
Naturally come to embrace their birth
Sex in addition some data suggests that
Transgender people are still likely to
Commit suicide even after receiving
Hormone treatment and surgeries so this
Rolls us around to my two main questions
If the majority of children eventually
Outgrow their gender dysphoria why are
We introducing them to hormonal and even
Sometimes surgical interventions that
They otherwise wouldn’t need and if
Hormonal therapies and surgical
Interventions don’t necessarily
Alleviate negative feelings in some
Adults then why are they more than
Likely the first option because money
Far as money-making goes the medical
Industry particularly in america is
Enormous and when it comes to being
Transgender a lifetime of hormone
Treatment surgeries therapy and other
Treatments can add up or real fast
Now remember how I mentioned planned
Parenthood yeah well when the company’s
Revenue took a dive with fewer women
Accessing abortion services by 2016 they
Expanded into the transgender market in
Documents they said that their goal is
To diversify their revenue base and
Diversify they did based on how many
Donors and sponsors they have to id also
Guess that they’re getting kickbacks
From referring patients to doctors and
So on I’m speculating of course but it
Wouldn’t shock me to be quite honest
Nothing shocks me anymore what can I say
I’m all out of shocks no shocks given
Okay thank you we get it now remember
How I also mention the puberty blockers
Lupron well the companies who
Manufacture it abbott laboratories and
Takeda chemicals paid almost 200 million
Dollars to the department of justice for
Giving doctors illegal kickbacks in
Exchange for prescribing lupron to
Patients good stuff now although this
Happened in 2001 and lupron does have
Several other uses it’s not to say that
Big pharma isn’t currently operating
Like this after all there is a history
Of big pharmaceutical companies giving
Doctors kickbacks for pushing particular
Drugs in addition the cost of loop rond
Is anywhere from seven hundred
Seventy-five dollars a month and that
Over the course of a few years can add
Up a real quick in fact in 2017 the drug
Sales equaled six hundred and sixty nine
Million in the united states alone a 16
Million dollar increase from two years
Earlier and with rates of children
Identifying as transgender currently
Skyrocketing across the world there’s a
Bit of money to be made here so in
Conclusion that put a fork in me I’m
Done now unsurprisingly this demand has
Been met with more and more gender youth
Clinics in fact the first opened up in
2007 by boston’s children’s hospital and
His since being joined by over 40 others
Nationwide but this explosion is also
Happening for adults as well in a
Fourteen-year spin one study found that
Affirming surgeries increased by
Fourfold by 2016 this allegedly
Increased again by 19% and seeking this
Sort of surgery isn’t cheap with a huge
Portion of people paying out of pocket
Over the past decade medical
Infrastructure to support and treat
Transgender people has proliferated and
A lot of hospitals and doctors have
Seized the opportunity to be the
Frontrunners in the industry opening
Specialized wings clinics and training
Doctors to do specific surgeries and
Here I want to remind you this is to
Accommodate 0.6 percent of the
Population yes just over half a percent
Can’t quite work out how to cure cancer
Or anything like that but kid we got you
We can stop your puberty honestly I
Think the reason why this is happening
Is also reasonably simple to people like
Jazz jennings caitlyn jenner and other
Celebrities have made it look fun and
Easy when the truth is transitioning is
An incredibly hard road and most people
Who decide to traverse it don’t have the
Enormous bank account of someone like
Caitlyn jenner if you go on crowdfunding
Websites you quickly learn how many
People are scraping together their
Pennies just to fund their transitions
It’s not nice to compound this education
Buddies have started integrating chen’s
Gender theory into classrooms telling
Kids that their sex is malleable and
Fluid personally I think this is a
Little weird to do for half a percent of
The population but I guess weirder
Things have happened further than that
We now have a third option on birth
Certificates and driver’s licenses most
Websites list a third option when you’re
Identifying your sex we are given
Instruction on how to use gender-neutral
Language or inclusive language so if
You’ve now taught an entire generation
Of young people and children that sex
Can be changed glamorized it in the
Media and in pop culture and taught
People that there are more than two
Sexes it’s very unsurprising to me that
There would in fact be an explosion in
People seeking out transgender medical
Therapies and treatment then you factor
In the cost of surgeries and other
Things like laser hair removal voice
Therapy and so on and you’re looking at
An exorbitant amount of money no matter
Way you want to slice it and dice it
Being transgender is a lifelong cost and
You can bet your bottom dollar that big
Pharma and the medical industry are
Making bank as a result I know this of
Course because I am a wizard now
Obviously I’ve only touched on a
Fraction of this topic and there are so
Many other factors but we’ve seen a huge
Medical expansion for a tiny but growing
Portion of the population and at this
Point at least to me it seems pretty
Clear that the medical industry is
Basically taking people suffering and
Turning it into a money-making venture
Where karli manufacturing a gender
Crisis that will have irreversible and
Horrible damaging effects for
Individuals further down the line and
Rather than stopping the indoctrination
In schools and also addressing the
Mental health aspect of all of this
Instead we’re just pumping people full
Of expensive and sometimes untested
Drugs and calling it a day now obviously
There are medical professionals out
There who do the right things by their
Patients who treat them with respect and
Treat this overall issue with respect
And I think that’s really great and they
Should be recognized and acknowledged
For doing that but for the ones who
Don’t including big pharma companies
Planned parenthood and so on these are
The people that need to be held
Accountable for exploiting people at the
End of the day I am of the opinion that
We should be questioning much more why
This issue is being popularized and
Glamorized the way that it is because I
Can bet you almost anything it has very
Little to do with human rights and has
Everything to do with money
Now before I open the floor to you this
Is just a reminder that you can download
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Yes now I open the floor to all of you
What do you all think do you believe
That the transgender medical complex is
In fact a money-making racket do you
Believe that we have it all wrong and
Actually these companies and these
People really do care about transgender
Individuals and what do you generally
Make of this issue overall as always if
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