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Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020 Debate

So, let’s just all agree that this debate was the most chaotic in American history. Ok, now that we got this out of the way we need to talk about what was said in the few moments in between the bickering and yelling back and forth. So, let’s jump right into what each candidate had to say about some of the more important issues in this election.
The first segment started with Chris Wallace the commentator asking the candidates’ opinion with the current vacancy in the Supreme Court and whether or not it should be filled. Trump’s position on this important issue falls in line with most of the other GOP politicians. He believes that since he was elected and so were the current members of the Senate for this period of time, they should be allowed to nominate the new member of SCOTUS. This is in stark contrast to the GOP position in 2016 when 9 months before the election they said the new President should nominate someone, not the sitting President. Biden was quick to pick this up in his reply to Trump’s statement calling for the Senate not to confirm this nominee because “The election has already started” and that we should wait until the election is over. Continuing to talk about how if Trump’s nominee were approved 20 million people would lose their insurance and with the removal of the Affordable Care Act 100 million people wouldn’t be able to get insurance because of the pre-existing insurance clause.
After this, it was time for open discussion. Biden continued with his plan to expand the Affordable Care Act quickly being interrupted by Trump saying he supports socialist healthcare. This argument ended up talking about the 200 thousand people who have died from COVID-19 and Trump saying if it were Joe in charge it would be 2 million. Chris Wallace then told them to stop because COVID would be discussed later.
Quickly after this open discussion started Chris Wallace tried asking a question about Obamacare to Trump while getting interrupted multiple times by him. The crux of the question centered around Trump never had a plan to replace Obamacare even though he has worked 4 years to repeal and replace it. Trump quickly brought up how he did get rid of the Individual Mandate part of Obamacare. Trump continued to take the role of the moderator by asking Joe Biden a question even through Chris Wallace’s objections. Asking “The individual mandate was the most unpopular aspect of Obamacare. I got rid of it. And we will protect people with preexisting conditions.” Biden never got to answer this question as Wallace was able to get a semi-handle on the debate right then asking Trump about his executive order for pre-existing conditions calling largely symbolic because the Affordable Care Act has a clause protecting pre-existing conditions already. This led Trump to tout his victory over insulin for Medicare patients and attacking Biden on his 47 years in government doing nothing about the prices of medicine saying he is the first person ever to help with the prices of medication. Chris Wallace then asked Joe Biden about his plan for healthcare and the worries over it getting rid of private insurance. This quickly turned into a sparring match between Trump and Biden over whether or not he agreed with “Bernie’s socialist plan”. After the sparing match, Wallace brought up whether or not Biden would be in favor of packing the court or ending the filibuster. Biden then refused to answer and urged people to vote. Thus, ending the first segment of the debate.
The second segment started with Wallace directing a question toward Joe Biden about the Covid-19 response which Biden used his usual talking points of it being a bad response leading to hundreds of thousands dead and millions infected. Trump defending his actions by saying many people said he saved lives and even democrats saying he did a phenomenal job. Then he finally brought up the swine flu when Biden was the Vice President and talked about how poor he did back then. Then the debate went back into chaos with the candidates then arguing whether or not a vaccine will be available. Trump with his stance that we will have a vaccine by Nov. 3rd even though it is in opposition to his own administration opinion that it won’t be widely available until the middle of 2021. Biden was quick to jump on this and the debate went back to yelling and name-calling until Chris Wallace tried to stop it and move on to the next segment.
Chris Wallace started this segment by praising Trump because of how well the economy is bouncing back and asking about the difference between a K-shaped recovery and V-shape recovery and how that affects the citizens. Trump used this time to attack democrat governors, China, and Biden and how bad it would’ve been if Biden has been President. This question was then moved over for Biden to answer it and Biden used it to bring light on to the fact that many average Americans haven’t gotten to experience the bounce-back of the economy and it seems good but it’s only good for billionaires who’ve made over 300 billion dollars and then attacked Trump and the recent report that says Trump only paid $750 in federal taxes which then Trump denied. After bringing up the recent report Chris Wallace asked Trump about this and Trump denied the accusation and said he will be releasing his taxes soon after they’re done and it will show he paid millions of dollars in 2016 and 2017.
After the quarrel about Trump’s taxes Biden was asked about his plan on taxes and how he plans to raise 4 trillion dollars in taxes over a decade. However, Biden used this time to discuss spending and how his plan would create jobs and better economic growth. Wallace asked again about his tax code but this quickly turned back into a sparring match between Trump and Biden about the past and Biden’s previous record as a politician and spiraling into a shouting match about Joe Biden’s children and what Hunter Biden did.
This then continued to the race segment which had only one major moment that stuck out in everyone’s mind. Donald Trump’s answer to the question of condemning white supremacy and his failure to do so but more people think it’s important to note the Trump told the Proud Boys group to stand back and stand by and immediately said someone needs to do something about Antifa which led to an argument about whether or not Antifa is a group or an ideology and how deadly are the far-left compared to white nationalist. While this segment was one of the most aggressive segments nothing in this segment was out of the ordinary for these two candidates and both stuck by their tried and true policies during this section of the debate.
In one of the most heated sections of the debate, Joe Biden brought up the report that Trump said some rather colorful things about the military and Biden brought up his son Bo Biden who tragically died. However, Trump hearing son jumped on this fact and attack Hunter Biden for a second time tonight and said he was discharged from the military dishonorably and that he made over 12 million dollars during the time Joe was Vice President leading to another round of name-calling and yelling between the two presidential candidates.
The second to last segment was covering the topic of the environment and what impact climate change legislation could have on the economy. This was one of the fasted segments that led its way into chaos with Biden beginning to answer a question and it goes off the rails very fast into an argument about how much it would cost to do Biden’s plan and what Biden’s plan entailed. At the end of it, it seemed as Joe Biden’s plan entailed upgrading buildings and weathering millions of homes which he concluded would add thousands of well-paying jobs and that Trump thought would cost trillions of dollars more than we could afford and hurt the economy too much to ever recover.
The final segment of the night was over election integrity which stemmed around whether or not Donald Trump would accept election results if it were independently certified. Trump used this time to urge his supporters to go out and vote and ended it by saying if he saw voter fraud of any kind, he would not accept this election. Joe Biden then used his time to also urge people to vote and push for voting to start before election day in many states that have upwards of millions of mail in ballots that need to be counted but can’t start until election day saying that they can’t handle counting all in one day and should start earlier. Then he ended his time with strong support for election integrity and saying he believes, either way, this election turns out it would be a fair election.
While this debate might’ve been the most chaotic and probably the worst debate to ever happen in presidential history it still allowed us to get an understanding of what each candidate will be pushing in this election. It seems that Trump is pushing a strong stance on law and order while Biden is pushing more the environmental jobs and eliminating tax breaks to bring in more money from taxes to help economic growth. We will be seeing two more debates over the next month between the presidential candidates. One on October 15th and 22nd with a chance at new rules according to the Commission on Presidential Debates.
For full transcript of the debate go to https://www.concordmonitor.com/First-presidential-debate-Trump-Biden-full-transcript-36532544


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